What Does "Critically Endangered" Even Mean?

October 05 2023 – Dom Desmond

What Does "Critically Endangered" Even Mean?
What Does "Critically Endangered" Even Mean?

Imagine your favourite animal.

Now, imagine there were only a hundred, or even just TEN of them left in the whole wide world.

That’s what “critically endangered” means.

These animals are super close to disappearing from our planet forever. 

And that's a big deal because every animal has a special job in making the Earth a wonderful, healthy place for all of us!


Paws, Fins, and Flippers: Meet the Animals on the Edge.

1. 🐘 The Sumatran Elephant

These gentle giants with big, floppy ears are from Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. They're important because they plant seeds everywhere they go, helping the forest to grow!

2. 🐵 The Borneo Orangutan

Swinging from tree to tree, these orange-furred buddies keep the forests of Borneo island healthy by spreading seeds, too. They’re like the gardeners of the wild who sleep in a cozy forest blanket high up in the tree.

3. 🐢 The Hawksbill Turtle

These peaceful omnivores nurture our coral reefs by munching on the sponges that can harm them with their bird-like beaks, creating a vibrant underwater wonderland.

4. 🐆 The Amur Leopard

Decked out in a stunning coat of spots, these leopards balance the circle of life in the icy realms of Russia and China by controlling the populations of other animals they hunt.

5. 🐬 The Maui Dolphin

These adorable, tiny dolphins from New Zealand have a tough job of keeping fish populations in check, making sure things stay balanced in the ocean.

Your socks are a snuggly shield

Now, here’s the magical part! Critically Endangered Socks is on a mission to wrap these animals in a warm, protective hug, and guess what? Your feet are the secret weapon! 🧦✨

Every pair of socks you get is like sending a mini “we love you” card to these animals. How? Well, 10% of every sale zips straight to WWF, an amazing charity fighting to keep these animals safe.

Ready to put your best foot forward? Let’s make waves, plant seeds, and leave paw-prints of love, one cozy pair of socks at a time! 🌱👣🐾