GOTS Organic Cotton and why you should care

October 06 2023 – Dom Desmond

GOTS Organic Cotton and why you should care
GOTS Organic Cotton and why you should care

Simply put, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Organic Cotton is like the VIP of cotton. It's grown without any yucky chemicals, uses way less water, and provides a safer environment for the farmers who help bring our cotton goodies to life. It’s cotton that cares - for people, animals, and our planet!

Why GOTS Organic Cotton Matters

🌿 Less is More

Less water, fewer chemicals, and more love for the Earth. GOTS Organic Cotton uses a whole lot less water than its non-organic buddies and says a big “no-thank-you” to pesticides, keeping our soils and waters clean and happy!

🐝 Buzzy Benefits

Without nasty chemicals, our buzzy bee friends and other critters can thrive and play, pollinating plants and keeping our ecosystems buzzing with life!

👨‍🌾 For the Farmers

The wonderful humans who work in the cotton fields can enjoy safer, healthier conditions, without being exposed to harmful chemicals.

🌳 Forest-Friendly

Organic practices help prevent deforestation, protecting homes for creatures like orangutans and other forest dwellers, ensuring they have leafy branches to swing from for generations to come!

🌊 Ocean Love

Fewer chemicals on the land means fewer chemicals making their way into our oceans, protecting aquatic life and keeping our waters beautifully blue and bountiful!


With Critically Endangered Socks, every step you take in these lush, cottony clouds of comfort is a step that supports our earthly home. Your new foot-huggers are crafted with GOTS Organic Cotton, ensuring that from field to foot, love and care are woven into every fibre.

And it doesn’t stop there! With each pair of socks that find a new home snuggling your feet, 10% of the sale journeys directly to WWF. This contribution supports magnificent creatures, from the towering elephants of Sumatra to the playful Maui dolphins, ensuring they continue to thrive in our rich, colourful world.