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Our story begins in Borneo, home to the world’s oldest rainforest and sadly a plethora of critically endangered species. A decade ago, our founder Dom Desmond visited the island’s northern jungles and saw the majestic critically endangered Borneo orangutans in the wild for the first time.In 2017, Dom returned to Borneo. The once lush rainforests he remembered had fallen victim to greedy palm oil plantations and illegal logging.

On witnessing this, he met with an NGO called Friends of the National Parks Foundation, who work to protect and restore large areas of primary rainforest.

It was during this trip that Dom decided to create a sock company. And using funds from sock sales help protect the Borneo orangutan and their home. The idea quickly grew into a company that supports a wide range of the most endangered species on our planet.

And that’s how Critically Endangered Socks was born. But it doesn’t stop there. Our mission is to eventually help every critically endangered animal on the brink of survival by selling the most beautifully crafted, ethical socks we can create. As well as limited edition ranges of other sustainable products.

So, as our slogan states, our ‘Socks Save Species’.

We must act now if we want to rescue some of the earth’s most beautiful creatures from the brink of extinction.

The simplest way to do that? By wearing your heart on your feet.


For more -LISTEN- to Dom talk for the first time ever about the trials and tribulations of starting Critically Endangered.