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Core Values


make products that last

Our products are made of incredibly high-quality materials, meaning that they’ll have a long life and a low environmental impact. By creating socks that are an investment and are built to last, we’re fighting against fast fashion. Our baby socks even double up as hand puppets so they can continue putting smiles on little faces, even after their feet have outgrown them.



cause no unnecessary harm

We understand that businesses can be bad for the environment so we want to do things differently. This includes using the most sustainable materials possible including GOTS certified organic cotton and FSC certified cardboard packaging to ensure that the production of our socks causes as little harm to our little blue planet as possible.



use business to inspire

Protecting critically endangered animals and their habitats has always been at the heart of what we do. We want to use our business as a way to not only sell socks that save species, but inspire people to protect critically endangered animals and their habitats, by raising awareness of their plight. We also want to show how businesses can implement solutions to have a more positive impact on the world.