What are the world’s most endangered animals?

May 19 2022 – Cecily Morgan

What are the world’s most endangered animals? | criticallyendangered
What are the world’s most endangered animals? | criticallyendangered

Did you know that there are over 16,000 species in the world that are currently threatened by extinction? 

This World Endangered Species Day, we’re taking a moment to think about some of the world’s most endangered animals and how we’re helping WWF protect them… 

The Javan Rhino 

With only around 60 of them left in existence, Javan Rhinos are one of the world’s rarest living species. While they were once widespread, they’re now critically endangered due to two main factors - they’re targeted by poachers for their horns and they’ve lost wide regions of habitats. The remaining Javan Rhinos can now be found in the Ujung Kulon National Park in Java in Indonesia.

To support WWF’s efforts to save the Javan rhino, we’ve included a pair of rhino socks in our original set of baby socks. These are helping WWF save these beautiful animals by establishing another population of the species and protecting the remaining rhinos from poaching. 

The Tiger 

The world’s tiger population has decreased staggeringly over the past century, so while they’re one of the most iconic big cats in the world, they’re also one of the most endangered. A combination of poaching and habitat loss is responsible for this, with their population experiencing a decrease from around 100,000 to just 4,000 over the past century. 

We love tigers and offer gorgeous pyjamas and sweatshirts that help to protect them. These support WWF’s efforts to save them by working with local communities, governments and other organisations to maintain and reconnect their habitats, monitor their populations and protect the big cats from poaching.

The Sumatran Elephant 

With only around 2,500 of them left in existence, Sumatran elephants are some of the most endangered elephants in the world. Sadly, this is mainly due to human activity - they’ve lost large ranges of habitat due to deforestation and many lose their lives as a result of human-elephant conflict. 

We offer three pairs of socks that help to protect these precious elephants - our original elephant socks, our striped elephant socks and our tie-dye elephant socks. These are helping WWF save Sumatran elephants by reducing the risk of human-elephant conflict and conserving their rainforest home.

The Borneo Orangutan 

With a population that’s declined by over 50% in the past 60 years, the Borneo orangutan is one of the most endangered primates on earth. Their rapid population decrease inspired our founder to create Critically Endangered, so this animal will always have a special place in our hearts.

We offer two pairs of orangutan socks (an orange pair and a blue pair) which are helping WWF protect these beauties by protecting their rainforest home and restoring wildlife corridors to reconnect their isolated populations. 

The Snow Leopard 

Although they can still be found in 12 countries, there are thought to be as few as 4,000 snow leopards left remaining in the wild. Sadly, this is mostly due to human behaviour. Hunting is a major factor - snow leopards often prey on livestock and are subsequently killed by local farmers in retaliation and they’re targeted by poachers both for their pelts and their body parts, which are used for traditional Chinese medicine.

We designed a pair of beautiful snow leopard socks to support WWF’s work to protect these gorgeous big cats by conserving their high mountain habitat. 

These are just a few of the critically endangered animals we’re helping to protect with our species-saving socks, sweatshirts and pyjamas. Head to our shop to see the full range and save an animal on this World Endangered Species Day…