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September 03 2019 – Cecily Morgan


September is World Animal Remembrance Month, giving us an opportunity to spare a thought to all those animals that have tragically become extinct, and celebrate all the precious creatures that are still around.

If you want to do something to celebrate World Animal Remembrance Month this September, there are plenty of ways to help animals all over the world without even leaving your living room. It’s a month dedicated to animals all over the world, so you could donate some money to a local animal shelter, or to a charity helping animals abroad. It’s also a good opportunity to put more effort into being eco-friendly, because the destruction of the planet is even more disastrous for many animals than it is for humanity.

 Animals are at the heart (and on the socks) of everything we do. The company was established with the purpose of helping some of the precious animals threatened by extinction, which we do by selling lovingly made, beautiful socks. Our original adult socks come in five gorgeous designs, with each dedicated to a different critically endangered animal. These animals are: the Borneo Orangutan, the Maui Dolphin, the Amur Leopard, the Sumatran Elephant, and the Hawksbill Turtle.

 Some of our profits go towards helping critically endangered species, and you can even choose which animal you’d like to help by selecting the sock that’s dedicated to it. For example, if you’d like to help the critically endangered elephants of Sumatra, simply choose our lovely baby pink elephant socks. It’s a simplest way to do your bit to help critically endangered creatures, and you’ll get a stunning new pair of socks for your effort. Great for your conscience, great for your feet, and, most importantly, great for the earth’s endangered species.