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July 31 2019 – Cecily Morgan


When it comes to organisations helping critically endangered species, none is as significant as WWF. Founded in 1961, WWF stands for World Wide Fund for Nature and is the world’s largest conservation organisation.

WWF’s aim is to: "stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature." An ethos which Critically Endangered Socks definitely shares, so we’re thrilled to be collaborating with the WWF on our next project – a Indiegogo campaign all in the name of helping critically endangered baby animals.

What exactly is an Indiegogo campaign? You’ve probably heard it mentioned on the TV or seen it on Facebook, maybe you’ve even donated, but do you know how Indiegogo works? Indiegogo is a funding platform for creative projects; with Indiegogo you can hunt for creative and clever innovations that surprise and delight and pledge money to help fund them whilst also getting a little discount on top. All you have to do is head to our Indiegogo campaign web page, click on the ‘back it’ button and choose your favourite perk.

We’ve been helping adult critically endangered species for over a year now, and our Indiegogo campaign will help us protect their adorable offspring. We’ll be producing the baby socks in four designs to help four different critically endangered species. The baby animals we’ll be helping are the Javan Rhino, the Giant Panda, the Borneo Orangutan and the Tiger. Yes, that’s right; Critically Endangered Socks just got even cuter.

Ten percent of sales will go to the WWF, with each design helping the baby animal they represent, allowing our customers to decide which baby animal they want to protect. For example, the profits from the baby orangutan socks will buy a tree seedling to help restore the heavily logged Borneo forest, and the profits from the baby panda socks will buy a seedling to be planted in degraded panda habitat.

The babies of critically endangered animals are the future of the species, so protecting them is vital. Now Critically Endangered Socks will be providing you with an adorable way to do just that. What better way to help baby animals than by kitting out the baby humans in your life with some adorable and funky socks?