Critically Endangered x World Land Trust

May 07 2021 – Cecily Morgan

Critically Endangered x World Land Trust | criticallyendangered
Critically Endangered x World Land Trust | criticallyendangered

The protection of tropical forest habitats and the protection of endangered animals go hand in hand. To save countless beautiful creatures from extinction we must save their leafy forest homes and we’re teaming up with World Land Trust to do exactly that.

World Land Trust is an incredible charity dedicated to conserving the world’s most threatened habitats and all the creatures who call them home. From Mexico to Bolivia, they have thirty trusted partners around the world that create and protect wildlife reserves, allowing them to have a positive impact on ecosystems and animals all over the globe. 

Amongst its patrons you’ll find Sir David Attenborough who has remarked that, “WLT recognise that ecosystems need saving. If you want to save Jaguars and hummingbirds the only way to do so is to save the places where they live” and we couldn’t agree more.

Acre by green acre, they’re on a mission to protect biodiversity-rich areas and the hundreds of species that live there. They’ve already saved more than 2, 222, 000 acres forests and other habitats and we’re going to help them save even more.

A love for the environment and animals is at the heart of Critically Endangered and this new partnership is helping us go one step further to protect them. In fact, we’re going an extra 20 metres squared to protect them with every pair of socks purchased because each time someone buys a Critically Endangered product, we’ll help the World Land Trust protect 20 metres squared of forest.

So from now on, buying something from us won’t just allow you to protect a specific endangered animal, it’ll also allow you to protect a tropical forest and the countless animals that call it home. 

If you’d like to support WWF and World Land Trust with one little purchase, head to our shop now to get yourself some socks that are going further to save species than ever before…